Configuring TASKING Safety Checker for Third Party C Compilers

August 24, 2016 Harm-André Verhoef

TASKING Safety Checker can be used in various industries where IEC 61508 related regulations are in place, like ISO 26262 in automotive. It fully supports the ISO-C standard, but it needs a simple configuration to be used in context with compiler specific C extensions. This blog provides sources for such configurations.

In addition to the TASKING C compilers, the new Safety Checker can be configured to work with embedded C compilers from other parties/vendors.

The Safety Checker fully supports the ISO-C standard, including select pragmas and macros and several additional generic language extensions, but by default it does not include support for compiler specific C language extensions.

The Safety Checker would simply generate a syntax error when a target specific feature is used that it does not recognize. It is therefore required to configure the Safety Checker for such non-standard C code.

The Safety Checker support website contains configuration files for several TASKING compilers. You can configure the Safety Checker for a compiler by including the configuration file at the beginning of each C source file, before other includes with the option --include-file. The configuration file should contain all non-standard C code that is supported by a certain compiler, such as intrinsic functions, qualifiers for memory, data types, predefined macros, typedefs, etcetera. Such information can usually be retrieved from the Reference Guide or User Manual that the vendor provides with the compiler.

In order to prepare the Safety Checker for a non-TASKING® compiler, the most convenient way to start is through one of the configuration files present on the support page, serving as a kind of template. Once completed, you can analyze your code without false-positive warnings related to your specific compiler choice.

Download the evaluation of TASKING Safety Checker today.


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Standalone release of TASKING Safety Checker available

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