The TASKING Safety Checker

Mark Forbes
|  August 1, 2018

The TASKING Safety Checker for TriCore/AURIX

Most of our customers are involved in developing safety-related systems for automobiles, agricultural machines, and other products that can present severe safety hazards for the people using them if something were to go wrong. Because of that, I think every one of us has an “I could hurt someone” reminder somewhere in our subconscious. We think about it all the time.

Fortunately, some very sharp and experienced people have devised methods for developing software that increase safety and reliability. Much of this has been set down in the ISO 26262 Standard, that clearly defines the safety requirements for vehicles. Meeting those requirements, however, is not a trivial task.

To help with the certification of your product, TASKING offers our Safety Checker for the TriCore family. With our Safety Checker, you can streamline your process to ensure that your product’s memory is free from interference as required by ISO 26262.

Download our webinar and you’ll see how we use static analysis to verify freedom from interference. But…unlike most static analysis tools, we are aware of different ASIL levels so that we can properly analyze your code within the context of the various ASIL requirements you may have in your product.

You will also see two customer case studies where they used the Safety Checker and found excellent results and saved a great deal of development time.

Start your on-demand video of the TASKING Safety Checker here. And, be sure to download an evaluation to try with your own code at .

About Author

About Author

Mark Forbes graduated from Bradley University with a BS in Electrical Engineering and has been in the EDA industry for over 30 years.

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