The TASKING GTM C Compiler

Mark Forbes
|  August 3, 2018


Well, here we are at the final webinar in our series of seven. Thus far, I’ve shown you our tools that can help you develop quality and safe embedded software for Infineon TriCore family processors. This tool is not specifically for the TriCore.

I’m sure you know that the TriCore family can include several ancillary cores such as the HSM, SCR, and PCP.  Another core is available on the TriCore, and also on processors by other manufacturers as well: the Bosch Generic Timer Module, or GTM.

Calling the GTM a “generic timer module” is kind of like calling the Mona Lisa “A pretty good painting”. The GTM is capable of handling not just common engine timing generations, but a whole host of other tasks that can offload the main cores and improve system performance. The first two releases of the IP were primarily concerned with some pretty specific applications, but now with the 3rd release the possibilities have expanded with the optimization to be programmed using C.

The TASKING GTM Compiler, and actually the TASKING VX Toolset for GTM (which includes a debugger and assembler), provides you with the tools to write GTM code in C rather than hand code in assembly language. The result is quicker written code that runs as fast as hand-generated code, and it’s much easier to get safety certification and to maintain over time.

And, best of all, our GTM Compiler is stand-alone. You can use it with any processor that incorporates a GTM core.

Download our webinar here and learn how our GTM Compiler and toolset can make your development quicker and more maintainable…regardless of which processor and compiler you are using. And be sure to visit us at

About Author

About Author

Mark Forbes graduated from Bradley University with a BS in Electrical Engineering and has been in the EDA industry for over 30 years.

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