The TASKING Embedded Profiler

Mark Forbes
|  August 1, 2018

TASKING Embedded Profiler for TriCore/AURIX

When talking about software development tools, a code profiler is seldom one of the tools mentioned, even though it can save a lot of debugging time and produce much better code. Profilers analyze your code and find underperforming code segments. This is very valuable when you need to determine why your code is not meeting specs or why certain segments are running slower than others.

For many profilers, that is more or less what they do: they measure execution time. Then, it’s up to you to analyze the code segment by hand and try to reason out what the problem is. Often, you have to consult with a hardware expert to cull out the exact problem so that you can fix your code.

Well…the TASKING Embedded Profiler is a different story. Our profiler is the first smart profiler available for the Infineon TriCore architecture.

When we set out to build a profiler, we worked directly and closely with Infineon. We have developed a very tight relationship after working together for more than 20 years. Infineon engineers put their expertise into our code so that we not only identify the code segment that is causing problems, but we will also tell you why it is underperforming and then we will offer you a suggestion how to fix the problem.

You do not have to be a hardware expert. You do not have to slosh through your code trying to figure out why it isn’t working as you designed it. We help you with both tasks.

There are two factors in the automotive electronics industry that make this an important product. First, with the enormous amount of processing that must be done to analyze sensor data and make decisions, as well as protect against security invasions, make over-the-air updates, etc., code that is running slowly can cause all kinds of problems. Finding that code can be very time consuming if you are using manual methods.

Second, code that is not working correctly could produce safety violations, and that is the last thing we want. With the TASKING Embedded Profiler, you can quickly find and fix performance issues.

Take a look at our on-demand Embedded Profiler Webinar to learn about how our embedded profiler can help you do your job better. And, check out our tools with your code by downloading an evaluation at .

About Author

About Author

Mark Forbes graduated from Bradley University with a BS in Electrical Engineering and has been in the EDA industry for over 30 years.

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