The TASKING LAPACK Performance Libraries — On-Demand Webinar

August 24, 2018 Mark Forbes

TASKING LAPACK Libraries for TriCore/AURIX

By: Mark Forbes, TASKING

Here is our fourth in our series of seven webinars. This product is different from our other tools: this is a library. The LAPACK Performance Libraries will enable you to call on its proven linear algebra processing capabilities to return quick and accurate solutions for your needs. With sensor processing and ADAS, more and more mathematical computations are being required…this Library can help you.

The Linear Algebra PACKage (LAPACK), using Basic Linear Algebra Subroutines (BLAS) performs complex linear algebra manipulations on matrices of simultaneous equations. If you have some matrix algebra studies in your background, I’d guess it was not the most enjoyable subject. In my class, a student asked about a homework problem. The professor looked at the problem, smiled, and said “Wow! That’s a 2 beer problem!” And, indeed, most matrix algebra problems ARE 2 (or more) beer problems. And that is where LAPACK excels.

Interestingly, LAPACK is written in FORTRAN and traces its history back to 1992. This long history proves the usefulness and accuracy of the library. For a more detailed look at the workings of LAPACK, go HERE.

While there are versions of LAPACK for many processors, TASKING offers the only LAPACK library in C for the Infineon AURIX processors.

Click here to view the TASKING LAPACK Library Webinar. And, be sure to download an evaluation to try with your own code at .

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Mark Forbes graduated from Bradley University with a BS in Electrical Engineering and has been in the EDA industry for over 30 years.

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